Chaya handpan D-Saladin 1,2 mm nitrated

Article name:  Chaya handpan D-Saladin 1,2 mm nitrated
Category: HandPan Drums
Product number:  054
Weight:   5 kg
Height:   24 cm
Diameter:   55 cm
Tuning:   D-Saladin
Notes:   D - G - A - C - D - Eb - F# - G - A
Material:   High quality nitrated steel
Number notes:   9
 € 2250,00

Chaya handpan D-Saladin 1,2 mm nitrated steel. Highest quality handpandrum, suitable for both the starting musician and the professional player. The 1,2 mm thick nitrated shell gives a warm sound with great resonance. This instrument is great for sensitive playing as well very powerful expression.



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