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Are you looking for your own unique handpan? Or are you just curious about this surprising instrument? Then you’ve come to the right place at the Handpan Shop. You can either make a personal appointment or buy a handpan online. Do you want to take part in a workshop that introduces you to the handpan? That is also possible.

Europe’s number one specialty shop

We started the Handpan Shop in 2011 for love of a very special instrument that can be played easily and intuitively. We have become a household name among fans.

In an informal setting we will take you on personal search for your own handpan. As we work by appointment only, you have plenty of time and opportunity to get familiar with it. With our extensive experience and expertise we will gladly support this process.

Buy directly from stock

This is what makes the Handpan Shop unique. This way, you will be ensured of buying the instrument you really feel connected to.

Thanks to our expertise we have built an international network and work together with the best builders. This means we can guide you through a wonderful collection. Not only do we have a diverse selection, we also make our own brand Chaya. You can play and touch all instruments yourself on site. If you wish, we can play them for you, so you can let the various tone colours sink in really well.

All this to provide you with a handpan that sounds well but also truly touches you.

The largest selection

There is a big chance that you will find your unique handpan. The Handpan Shop may have the largest selection in the world, with a wide range of keys and metal types. Made by various builders in various diameters and price categories. Thanks to this diversity in quality you always get the best of the best at the Handpan shop!

In addition to our large collection of handpans you can also turn to us for various accessories, including bags, music stands, books and DVDs.


Finally, you can also turn to the Handpan Shop for retuning and repairs of your handpan.

You are more than welcome for finding the right match!

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Het grootste aanbod van handpannen, accessoires, advies, workshops, lessen en meer.

 Persoonlijke service

Persoonlijke begeleiding en advies tijdens jouw zoektocht naar de perfecte handpan.

Kennis en ervaring

Sinds 2014 de handpanspecialist van Nederland & Europa.

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