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The handpan. For a few an unknown instrument, yet for many others THE instrument of the 21st century. Not without reason: many are touched by the unique warm sound and the unsurpassed musical options of this beautiful instrument.  

Handpans are based on the HangDrum, an instrument developed  in 2000 by the Swiss company PANArt, which was named “The Hang”.

This instrument was based on a variety of global percussion-instruments. The sound mostly resembles a steeldrum, but with an intense, warm, and mystical sound. As a whole, the different tones form an harmonious unity. Inspired by the Swiss model, several other creators worldwide started to make their own handpan drums.

Most handpans have a diameter of 53 to 60 centimeters and its height is 25 to 30 cm. The handpan consists of two attached spherical bowls of steel. For resonance purposes, there is a round gap at the bottom of the handpan. The tones itself are placed on the upper shelf: in the middle the low bass-tone, around it the 6 to 8 other tones. The instrument can be played by fingers, knuckles and flat hand.

While playing, the instrument is commonly pressed in between legs, or placed in someone's lap. It can also be played on a table or on a special stand.   

With a handpan you effortlessly produce the most beautiful sounds.  It can be played easily by both skilled musicians and by persons without any musical experience. The instrument has a pleasant resonance and by creating simple but wonderful melodies you are, in a way, dragged along to a higher musical dimension.  

Also the rhythmical options of the instrument are commended highly. Furthermore, the handpan is a versatile instrument which can be used as well for musical therapy. Obviously, you pleasantly relax by enjoying all the musical options of your handpan at home.  

You don’t buy a handpan just like that. Worldwide the supply is sparse, while in the same time it is important to feel and test the instrument yourself in a relaxed way. By establishing various international contacts, is able to commonly present a selected range of drums of different creators and in various keys. During an appointment at our shop, there is sufficient time to play the instruments yourself. By this you will be able to fully experience the instruments in a relaxed manner. We also sell accessories like bags, flight cases, stands and polishing and maintenance products.

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