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We specialize entirely in selling and purchasing new handpans and used Hang drums. Buy from our webshop directly from stock or make an appointment to try the instruments out yourself (or just sit back and let us play for you).

A handpan is a remarkable instrument. Every drum is handmade, distinctive and has a unique sound. Handpans come in different types of metal, keys and sizes. You don't simply go out and buy a handpan! It will be our pleasure to help you find the handpan that is right for you. Our handpans produce a beautiful sound that has the power to move you. As well as stocking a range of makes, we produce our own under our private label "Chaya". You can also contact us if you want to return your instrument or have it repaired.

We started the very first handpan specialty store in Europe in 2011. Our knowledge, experience and extensive global network mean than we can offer you the very best handpans. Please call or email us for advice or to make an appointment. We will give you ample time to try out the instruments at your leisure. Click a category below and visit our webshop.


Why HandPanshop.eu?

Everything under one roof

The largest selection of handpans, bags and accessories, as well as advice, workshops, repairs and more.

 Personal service

Personal guidance and advice during your search for the perfect handpan.

Knowledge and experience

With seven years of knowledge and experience acquired since 2011, we are the handpan specialist in Europe.