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Below you will find the different brands of handpans. Do you need help choosing the perfect hand pan? We offer various handpan workshops and sessions to help you find the handpan that suits you the best. Or read more about Choose the best handpan.

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Frank Niele: "In a nutshell, my buyers experience at the HandpanShop has been a particularly good one."

The Handpan Specialty Store in Europe

In 2014 we started the first Handpan store in Europe. During the years, we became a household name among enthusiasts. As of the first moment, we gave our customers all the time and attention required to choose the perfect handpan. That, and the fact that we have the largest assortment in Europe including unique handpan drums, brought us a large international clientele and a lot of positive reviews. Especially the latter makes us very proud. Due to our expertise, we created an international network and are working together with the best manufacturers. Though it’s possible to buy a handpan online, we strongly recommend to use our unique orientation sessions in our showroom in Bunnik, The Netherlands. Of course, we are also available by phone for advice or to answer your questions. On the page About us you can find all the information about our HandPanShop.

Delivery time buying a handpan online

The delivery time of an order is normally three to four business days. In exceptional cases this is not possible, we will contact you immediately to find a suitable delivery time.

Tuning and repair handpan

Do you need to have your handpan repaired or (re-)tuned? Feel free to contact us, we are happy to help!

Choose the best handpan drum

The choice of handpan drums is huge and it is not an easy job to choose a handpan that suits you the best. To help, we therefore offer you an orientation session. The perfect way to find the best match. Together with an handpan expert and in a calm atmosphere without any disturbance!

Learn to play the handpan

Would you like to attend a workshop? Or do you want to take lessons so that you are able to play the handpan yourself or compose your very own handpan music? Read more about all the possibilities on our page Learn to play the handpan.

Handpan care and maintenance

Do you want to know how to give your new handpan the best possible maintenance? We provide you with a lot of tips and advice on our Handpan Care and Maintenance page.

Explanation of various terms such as tongue drum, tank drum, hang drum, hand drum, steel drum, handpan drum, Spacedrum®, sound sculpture handpan

Many different terms and variations are being used for musical instruments. Regarding the sound, a handpan sounds most similar to the sound of a steel drum. However, a handpan has a much more intense and warmer sound, fuller and more melodic. There is also a difference in the way you play the instrument: a steel drum is played with sticks and a handpan with your hands.
Well, with your fingers, actually.

Instruments such as a tongue drum, tank drum and steel tongue drum are primarily mechanically manufactured. Although these are sometimes being seen as a handpan, this is factually completely incorrect. The quality is incomparable. The same applies for the unique character of the handpan with it’s rich, profound sound. The handpan also offers considerably more playing options. Terms such as hang drum, handpan drum and handpan tongue drum usually are bastardisations of the name handpan.

The names Hang® and hang drum are often confused with one another. The instruments designed by Felix Rohner and Sabina Sharer from Panart were named Hang®. A few years later, manufacturers started making handpans based on the Hang®. The term hanging drum is actually incorrect and was created by people by combining the name Hang with the word drum. The term Hand drum is also accidentally used wrong. The hand drum is a completely different type of instrument.
Finally, Spacedrum® and Sound Sculpture are brand names of a specific handpan, one of the many handpans that are available nowadays.  

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