Introductory workshop and / or handpan consultation

If you are considering buying a handpan, please book a consultation with us. We will take you on a 'musical journey' past the various handpans. You can play all the instruments yourself and get a feel for them. You’ll get 'tips and tricks' on how to make the instrument sound good, on the structure of the instrument and some techniques. Or you can let us play the handpans, so you can quietly listen and compare. The shop has a large variety of handpans (different producers from different countries, in various keys, sizes and types of metal). We need such a wide variety of handpans to help you find your perfect match: the handpan that is right for you and has the power to move you. Choosing and finding a handpan is quite a personal process. We therefore recommend that you give plenty of thought to who is going to accompany you.

If you would like an introduction to this remarkable musical instrument first, then this personal workshop is the perfect start. In our workshop we will teach you how to make the handpan sound wonderful. You will learn to play a number of rhythms, to play with others and to improvise. By playing it yourself you will discover the tranquillity of this delightfully harmonic instrument. We will also tell you about the background of this musical instrument and answer any questions you may have.

We also offer a combination of both a consultation and a workshop.

A consultation or workshop lasting 1.5 hours can only be booked by appointment, in the morning or afternoon from Monday to Friday and on Saturday mornings. The price of a consult is 65 euro and when you buy a handpan this amount is deducted.

The price for a personal workshop is 65 euros and for a 2nd and 3rd person 25 euros extra per person. We like to keep these sessions small and more personal to give everyone enough attention. If you buy a handpan, our workshop is free!

Phone +31 645 922 966 to make an appointment. If phoning is a problem, you can also arrange an appointment by e-mail:, or by filling out our contact form.



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