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Melanie says on 08 augustus 2021 16:42
I am very happy with my second Chaya handpan. This one is made from amber steel which sounds great. Very friendly and patient email correspondence beforehand.
Marcello says on 03 februari 2020 16:38
Happy owner of 2 handpans I've decided after 3 years of constant joyful practice was now the time for getting the upgrade... not an but The Handpan - Contacted Lisa, very helpful assistant of Henk and voila' the appointment was taken. Arrived there and Henk was waiting for me with a nice cup of coffee - Started to talk on how both we have got into this wonderful magic instrument and without even realizing we were already playing together.... I was looking for something specific having already 2 quite good handpans. He understood me immediately and showed me the Sync handpans... boom! The magic happened! Sync Amara C♯ 10 was my choice and my hart is overwhelmed by joy not just each time i play ( every day at least 2/3 hours ) but even when i think at him.... unexplicable feeling!! i'm just very grateful to Henk, such a nice and sensitive human being. Will definiteley purchase my next one from him! I would recommend to everyone Marcello i
Suzette Nieuwoudt says on 07 mei 2019 20:02
The workshop was very interesting in the perspective of trying out the different pans and identifying the pan we each liked best. Sjaak showed us a few techniques which we enjoyed. I originally indicated that I needed to learn how to play as I originally indicated that I already own both a Gudu and a Handpan. Sjaak is a very kind and patient musician and although this workshop was more aimed at introducing the different instruments and not a lesson", we enjoyed the session very much. Should I decide to purchase another pan I would make use of your kind offer to refund the workshop payment against the purchase of the instrument. Best regards, Suzette
Nadia  says on 06 februari 2019 16:15
After many information about buying a handpan, I'm sure that I did the best and most sensible decision with the Handpanshop ! Already the initial e-mail contact with Lisa was very friendly. Moreover the atmosphere in the shop is so beautiful and there are so many different handpans of different materials and scales, that it was a great experience. Sjaak did the workshop with me and it was absolutely great! He told me about the origin, the materials and the scales, he also played for me over and over again on the handpans and searched in a systematic way for the right one for me. He explained me the right care and transport and didn't pay attention to the time. You realize that he is passionate about it and really wants you to be satisfied with your decision. Thank you Sjaak for your patience and this great experience! I am overjoyed with my Chaya Handpan -so I can give a clear recommendation!!
Fred Schutter says on 07 oktober 2018 14:09
I happened to be in Holland this fall and was in the market for a Handpan when I found out about the Handpan shop in Houten. This definitely is the best place to choose an instrument. There are not many places in the world where you can have such a variety of makes, materials and keys available to try and see the difference. Sjaak and Henk were most helpful and knowledgeable and I believe I ended up with the exact Handpan I was looking for. I am sure I will enjoy this instrument for the a long long time Fred Schutter British Columbia Canada
Claudia says on 22 augustus 2018 00:57
I picked my handpan after long chats by mail in which Henk-Jan, with infinite patience, explained, guided and helped me to choose the right one for me. My english is not so good, and my ignorance on these instruments was absolute, but he managed to convey me all the information I needed, and do it clearly and good manered. Even when we arrived late to the meeting, he took his time to explain everything we ask, play something along with me, and give good advices on care and maintenance of my new instrument. A real nice person, and surely a man who knows his craft. I recommend a visit to his beautiful studio to anyone who wants to try a handpan (he has many diferent ones, and in various tunnings, which is important for those who still dont know which scale goes better with their souls), and, also, I strongly recommend him as the right person to guide you and help you choice. One other thing, for those who should travel by plane and are worried about the possibility of not been allowed to carry the handpan as cabin luggage: The handpan, even when measures more than the allowance for hand luggage, fits in the lockers over the seats. You only have to be sure to board early, so as to get your space free of other people luggage, and stowe it propped at 45º As recommended by Henk-Jan, we said the people in the KLM counter that it was a "very sensitive musical instrument", and they agreed to let us carry it in the cabin (well, they asked to see it first, and, after they played the handpan a bit, they fell in love with it and were all smiles) I´m absolutely mad in love with my handpan, and grateful beyond words for all the help Henk-Jan give me to get it. Greetings from Argentina Claudia
Rieke und Sebastian says on 11 februari 2018 21:16
Luckily we visited the shop shortly before New years eve last year. It was the best thing we could have done. We had a gerat time choosing our instruments and enjoy planing now. We felt very supported und well informed by Henk-Jan. It was also very helpful to hear him play because now we know what are instrument can sound like if we keep practicing. Henk-Jan made us feel welcome, so we could relaxe and we had much room and time for gut feelings that helped us choosing very beautiful instruments. We recommended the shop already to a few friends, we were fully satisfied. Thanks a lot to Henk-Jan!!
Dylan Mendonca says on 30 september 2017 21:57
Based on the customer reviews, I tried to schedule an appointment with Henk-Jan in August’17. I travelled all the way from Dubai to Houten, Netherlands to meet up with him. Well, what an incredible-humble soul this man is, patiently helped me choose the right handpan. He has a variety of them from different manufacturers. The pricing could vary from €1000-2500. The best part about this place is that you don’t have a waiting period. As long as you’re being able to get an appointment with this gentleman, you’re sorted. I probably chewed his brains for more than 2hrs trying to decide on the right one for myself. The handpan that I picked from him is really very close to my heart. I have already composed 2 tracks on it. He also helped me trade in a handpan that I had from Panstream(UK) for another Spacedrum. Henk-Jan also provides all kinds of accessories for your handpan. Overall an amazing experience. I would highly recommend other peeps to give it a go. Cheers! Dylan Mendonca
Martin says on 29 juli 2017 19:44
I'm sure that visiting Henk-Jan is the best way to find a Handpan that fits perfect to you. You have to hear and feel the sound live to really know the characteristic of a Handpan. There you have a lot of different Handpans to play, to listen and to feel. You will for sure enjoy the time with Henk-Jan and drive home with a smile and a Handpan that touch your heart. lovely greetings martin
Liviu says on 11 mei 2017 14:22
Words cannot express the joy of finding the perfect instrument that we've been searching for ages. My friend and i arrived at Henk-Jan's house a bit late, because of the traffic, nethertheless he spent almost 3 hours providing us with the most kind and helpfull advices. We could feel the passion he has for these extremely beautifull instruments and that he kindly shares with others. He welcomed us with sweet beverages, we could try all the Handpans he has, while he was explaining us their manufacturing process and different sounds. Thank you so much, and looking forward to see you soon for my next instrument
Joakim says on 27 april 2017 16:34
Visited on the 10th of april with a mission to buy a instrument that i first saw on a beach in india about three years ago. I arrived in the morning on a appointment with jan. We sat down to have a chat on the origin of the handpan...some history, and different types. Then jan played all instruments and helped me choose scale....we did a blindtest....he played and i was turned in the opposite direction just listened and choosed the best souning one to my ears, it happened to be D-minor scale. Jans creditcardmachine had problems with my debitcard, so i advice others that pays with cart to bring a card that specificly says credit on the back of the card. I went to town and managed to get most of the amount out from a cash machine....then jan trusted me to pay the remains when i got back home....i really call that a good service...and trust exercise! My appointment was 2 hours...but i overstayed by one hour...felt it took some time to choose...thanx again jan to guideing me to find the right handpan for me!
Julia says on 06 april 2017 19:53
I can´t put in words how glad I am to have taken the desicion for a roadtrip to bunnik to meet henk-jan in his magical handpan kingdom there. the chance to see and hear and play ten diffenrent of these wonderful instruments, every single one with it´s own beauty and a unique and thrilling sound, enriched me on many layers. but it was also the warm welcome, henk-jan´s kindness and his knowledge I appreciated a lot and which made the handpan workshop to a time bubble place where you could spend forever – even if I wouldn´t have found a handpan that fits to me, it was worth the trip. …so I want to say thank you again for your patience, tipps and tricks, the quality time and last but not least for the colibri. all the best and stay shiny! sunny greetings from karlsruhe.
Silvia says on 21 februari 2017 17:20
I felt in love with the sound of one HandPan from the videos, called Henk-Jan and then ordered by e-mail. Henk-Jan was extremely helpful with all details to clarify and the delivery worked out very well. After some days my own HandPan arrived here in Vienna and I was so excited. It's such a wonderful instrument! :-) Even if I was not able to meet Henk-Jan in person, I could feel his kindness in handling and passion for these instruments. ;-) Thanks so much for everything and happy greetings from Vienna, Silvia
Sorin says on 13 februari 2017 20:27
I just bought a brand new and lovely HandPan! Henk-Jan was kind enough to stay with me for 2 hours and play all the handpans. He is very talented and passionate about his work and gives really good advice on what HandPan to choose and how to play it. Thanks again!
Yasamine Shahhosseini says on 25 november 2016 14:21
Hi! I'm so happy for my amazing trip to Holland and also Bunnik. Because it was a cultural trip and I'm really glad for buying a new and great HandPan. I should say Thank you for everything. Kind Regards from Tehran :-)
Suzanne Clark says on 19 november 2016 18:35
Lieber Henk-Jan Ich habe mir einen richtiger kleinen "lebenstraum" bei Dir erfüllen durfen. Es geschickt im leben nicht allzu oft, daß etwas direkt ins Herz trifft. Als ich zum ersten Mal eine Hand Pan hörte, war das genau so! Ich fahre sehr glücklich nach Hause. Dir Danke ich für deine Zeit, die ruhige Art und Geduld mit der Du mir vorgespielt hast. Es was ein tolles erlebnis! Danke! Suzanne Clark - Stuttgart
Esther van Santen says on 19 november 2016 18:13
Dear Henk-Jan, It was e very nice meeting with you and your handpan-drums. A beautifull connection ... Your help inchoosing the right piece is very nice and sensitive. Strange to discover that the feeling with the handpan is so familiar to me. Like my singing bowls ... Maybe our paths will cross again and sometimes we can "walk" together on the beautifull path of SOUND. Esther
Luc Groen says on 01 november 2016 20:32
translated from Dutch with google translate, posted by Luc Groen: " After I was searching on the internet I saw finally Henk Jan Pelle and his handpan shop. On his site I listened to a handpan (-film) what touched me deeply. With that instrument I wanted to be in the moorlands, the beach, on a mountain or where ever in silence just only with the sound of the hand pan drum in a kind of meditation to celebrate life and its unity. Henk Jan Pelle is a very charming person. You can feel the intension from someone who try to connect a person to an instrument in harmony accompanied with all his knowledge, that brings hope. Although I already preferred one specific instrument I wanted to stay open minded and let me get surprised. Henk Jan played on about ten different instruments for me and I listened with closed eyes, but I picked out my favorite one! Henk Jan thank you for your advice and knowledge you shared with me. I hope to see you again and until then you can find me in nature regularly in harmony! Kind regards Luc "
Hatice Kelekci  says on 01 april 2016 20:52
Merhaba Henk-Jan, Kisa sure once esimi kaybettim. Kendime bi muzik enstruman arastirirken sizin websiteyi gorduk arkadasimla. 21 mart 2016 da sizi ziyarete geldim ve muzik enstrumanlarinizi deneme sansina sayenizde sahip oldum. bana gostermis oldugunuz ilgi ve harcamis oldugunuz zaman icin gonulden tesekkur ederim. Enstrumanlarla ilk tanismam uygulama yapmam harikaydi. Zamanla bu enstrumani kullandikca ustalasacagimi dusunuyorum. Ileriki gunler icin kendime uygun gordugum bu enstrumani edinmeye niyet ettim. Hazir oldugumda, tekrar yeniden gorusmek dilegiyle diyorum, tekrar cok tesekkur ediyorum. Size calismalarinizda kolayliklar ve basarilar diliyorum...Sevgiyle, isikla ve huzurla kalin... Hatice
Johan T says on 15 maart 2016 18:22
translated from Dutch by google translate, posted by Johan T. on 01 februari 2016 13:02 Almost given up the quest for buying a handPan, until I ended up with Henk Jan/ He has wide selection of hand pans along with a good knowledge of business and a very warm welcome. Highly recommended for anyone looking for a HandPan. Thanks Henk Jan
David says on 15 maart 2016 18:21
translated from Dutch by google translate, posted by David on January 27, 2016 09:54 The handpan I recently bought from Henk-Jan, is really great. It adds a whole new dimension to my music life. After I tested different hand pans a few times, i found my hand pan.
Diana says on 15 maart 2016 18:20
translated from Dutch by google translate, posted by Diana on December 18, 2015 21:54 A few days ago I visited HandPanShop / Henk-Jan with interest in a handpan. What an experience I had !! Henk-Jan played all the instruments and not long after that, 2 HandPans had my special attention, obviously with both a very beautiful sound. Well ... and then I had to choose .... it was not easy .... Henk-Jan, thank you very much for your patience and help with this !! And also for our conversation, explanations and tasty coffee. Today I came home with a beautiful handpan. Very nice to play it! My enthusiasm for this particular instrument is getting bigger, I notice :-)
Jorrit says on 15 maart 2016 18:14
translated from Dutch by google translate, posted by Jorrit on December 3, 2015 10:39 When I made the appointment I had expected to go there and just try some instruments, choose the most beautiful one and take it home. Nothing was further from the truth. I was welcomed with a cup of tea and then it started. Henk-Jan demonstrated the HandPans but also told me so much about it, that I got a much more complete picture of the world around the handpan. It was a very intense experience, a process that we went through together. At the end of this process there was one pan left for me, the instrument with which I had the best feeling. Even though each handpan sounds wonderful, this approach makes a big difference. I’m crazy happy that I was be able to choose like this; I do not think I could have found an instrument that suits me that good in any other way. I recommend this to anyone. Besides the beautiful instrument I own now this was an experience not to forget.
Peter Spiessens says on 15 maart 2016 18:14
translated from Dutch by google translate, posted by Peter Spiessens on 27 november 2015 21:21 About 3 months ago I bought a handpan from Henk-Jan, a Aciel in D minor and it sounds truly wonderfull. If people visit us and hear the sound they all say the same. The sound is really nice and meditating. My little boy of 7 requires at bedtime to sit with him and play on the handpan, he falls asleep immediately. After three years of searching, finally found my dream instrument. Thanks !!!
Dirk says on 15 maart 2016 18:13
translated from Dutch by google translate, posted by Dirk on 23 november 2015 17:55 On 11 November I visited Henk-Jan. First I ordered a handpan in a classical music shop, but I had to wait for it for four months, to finally not be able to compare. Bij HandPanShop I could enjoy a friendly and patient welcome with ample choice between the many HandPan Drums he has in stock. and he demonstrate the possibilities and timbre of the instrument, furthermore many useful tips (how to play it , maintenance and so on). Such a service cannot be offered by a Music Store because

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