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Henk van Dort says on 15 maart 2016 18:12
translated from Dutch by google translate, posted by Henk van Dort on January 19, 2016 10:22 Henk-J is worth a recommendation when you want to buy a Hand-pan. Professional, quick in contact, friendly and communicative. Knowledge, good advice. Definitely a hard worker when it comes to search the right HandPan for its customers. After three months and two HandPans further, now i own a melodic Hand Pan tailored for me. Henk thanks
Sabine and Christian  says on 10 december 2015 18:46
Dear Henk. Thank You for the warm advice regarding the great musical instruments. We appreciated very much the presentation of the handpans by you in this delicate manner. Sabine has played "her dreamhandpan" already with having a lot of fun. It seem we have made the right choice. Much joy and abundance. Sabine and Christian Wassenberg Germany
Harald says on 05 december 2015 22:06
Lieber Henk-Jan, nun sind knapp 4 Monate vergangen, dass ich meine Handpan bei dir erworben habe. Endlich komme ich dazu dir Feedback zu geben. Ich habe sehr viel Freude mit meinem Instrument und spiele es fast täglich am Abend. Obwohl ich in Bunnik nicht vor Ort sein konnte, um mir die Handpans anzuschauen bzw. zu spielen, war es mir durch deine gesendeten Videos möglich, die richtige Wahl zu treffen. Auch die Versandabwicklung nach Tirol funktionierte einwandfrei! Herzlichen Dank und sonnige Grüße, aus Tirol.
Gabriel says on 26 oktober 2015 12:01
translated from Dutch by google translate, posted by Gabriel C on 10 October 2015 12:13 / Yes .. the HandPan, people if there is anything that gives you peace and joy then itís the HandPan .. and what a beautiful instrument, I can choose from so many options .. at first I had taken a prototype .. I found it a cool one but my girlfriend thought ď must be an other oneĒÖ than I took with me another HandPan. The intention was to exchange it for another one with a different mood .. but when I wanted to do that, I liked what I have now, it still sounds best and felt that the instrument fits me. Super service, a lot of patience, understanding for my seeking , kind and wise Henk-Jan to let me just pick the right HandPan without putting in too much of themselves in my choice .. I noticed that itísI still very personal when it comes to preference some noise .. I would always recommend this site, and certainly recommend playing a HandPan .. super !! Thank you Henk-Jan ..
Ineke says on 26 oktober 2015 12:00
translated from Dutch by google translate , posted by Ineke on 05 October 2015 18:23 / What a welcome! It felt good. We got a mini concert at the handpan and that made the choice easy, one instrument affects you more than the other. Our son, 18, first laughed at our 'UFO'! Until he started playing. As if he played for years and he said ďit does something to youĒ. In short, we are very happy with it!
Nienke Buiskool Leeuwma (Essentia Therapie)  says on 26 oktober 2015 11:57
translated from Dutch by google translate, posted by Nienke Buiskool Leeuwma (Essentia Therapie) on 05 August 2015 21:38 / On Facebook, I saw several times a movie of the HandPan with a few months in between. The last time I saw it because my mother had liked some HandPan videos, I have searched more information about the HandPan. And so began my quest for the right HandPan. In addition, I would also be committed the HandPan to music therapy in addition to my "standard" therapy. I ended up on this site and have made an appointment. During the appointment, I had ample time to listen and play to achieve a good choice. I am very happy with it and noticed that intuitively playing is very good and gets even better and better. I've now put a new form of music therapy on my website. See:
Nanny Vogelaar says on 26 oktober 2015 11:55
translated from Dutch by google translate , posted by Nanny Vogelaar on 25 juni 2015 22:15 During a holiday in Spain - Sevilla, I came into contact with the handpan. I was immediately caught by it. Fortunately, back in the Netherlands , I could Henk-Jan ask for advice and trying out the different species. Iíve got good advice; Henk-Jan has taken extensive time and I went home with a handpan who chose me and him (or her?). Particularly because it was not my first choice. Meanwhile, I have already played a lot and it's just fantastic! Kind regards, Nan
Tobias Prins says on 26 oktober 2015 11:54
translated from Dutch by google translate , posted by Tobias Prins on 16 May2015 18:56 / All the time the Handpan comes along on YouTube, and several other websites. Shall I buy one or not. After five years of struggling with that fact, I decided to take the step. Followed by an appointment with Henk-Jan. An exciting afternoon finally resulted in the fact that I can learn to play this instrument now! Thanks for all the info and the possibility to try out various HandPans. And now I start with learning! The adventure begins!
Rashma Lalita says on 26 oktober 2015 11:53
translated from Dutch , posted by Rashma Lalita on 21 April 2015 22:45 / How great! finally my own Handpan. From the moment I got it, I play him every day. It is such a fine instrument. I'm so glad that Henk Jan has made it possible for me, to find this instrument, what luck
Steven Korpel says on 26 oktober 2015 11:51
translated from Dutch , posted by Steven Korpel on 11 April 2015 18:35 / Last Wednesday, played for the first time on a Hangdrum, what an experience. But also the stories behind his business and handpans and hang drums are fascinating to hear and definitely worth a visit.
Jenny says on 26 oktober 2015 11:49
translated from Dutch , posted by Jenny on 25 April 2015 09:26 / Finally I found someone who sells beautiful hand pans. And how! What an extensive information I received and what a demonstration. Really amazing. My wish is fulfilled, I went home with a beautiful handpan! And now let's practice!
Mick Hartman says on 26 oktober 2015 11:48
translated from Dutch , posted by Mick Hartman on 08 Aprill 2015 11:38 / Henk-Jan receives interested people (like me) heartily at his home, and really takes the time for a personal meeting, a mutual introduction, and a cup of tea. Then, after an informative orientation about the history, the craft, the production process and the tuning of the handpan, he gave a brief demonstration of the various models in its range. That makes it possible to hear the subtle differences, and also get a taste of the auditory potential (in terms of music, ambience, perception) of the handpan as versatile instrument. The handpan sat for years in my mind, actually since the first time I heard someone playing on YouTube. But the handPans I could find, after a regular search on the Internet, were always either too expensive (2500-7000 euro) or either unreachable by closed or at least lengthy waiting lists, or lottery systems. [PART 1]
Rutger says on 26 oktober 2015 11:46
translated from Dutch , posted by Rutger on 07 April 2015 21:31 The Handpanshop , after long (online) search, showed to me the place to make a right choice for my own handpan. Iíve been well supported with the right choice between the various instruments available, got plenty of time to watch and especially self-testing the pans. Trying them live is definitely a must! Finally I bought a pretty nice handpan and now Iíve great pleasure playing this unique instrument. Both the handpan as the pleasant contact with Henk-Jan I would definitely recommend, much expert information and a person who as a "hobbyist" picks it certainly very professional . Success Henk-Jan!
Roel says on 26 oktober 2015 11:45
translated from Dutch , posted by Roel on 05 april 2015 16:12 I am very happy with my handpan. Thanks to Henk-Jan and his '' hang-knowledge '' I've found the saucepan which best suits my personality and my way of playing. I still enjoy it daily and I can always go back for necessary questions or accessories that I need. Super how you can take your time there and really can do your personal searching for the HandPan Drum that suits you best. friendly thanks!!
Bas says on 26 oktober 2015 11:43
translated from Dutch , posted by Bas on 05 April 2015 10:03 Henk-Jan has helped me very well getting to know this instrument. I was welcome and got all the time to try different models. Very nice!

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